As a cognitive scientist interested in how humans learn, think and understand language, I care about applying that understanding to improve educational practice.


Exemplar based peer assessment

Increasing capability in assessment and self-regulation through multiple choice marking of exemplars

With Stuart McGugan and Ellie Hemingway, I am working on a project to develop student understanding of assessment. This research has been supported by a Pedagogic Development Grant from the University of Hull.

This work is ongoing and has been presented at conferences including UK STEM 2016.

There is a growing body of evidence which indicates that the potential learning benefits of providing students with feedback, however well crafted, are often not realised, with many students not valuing or understanding the feedback provided Sadler has argued that for students to benefit from feedback they must first possess the ability to make a comparison between their own performance and an expected standard. However, statements of assessment standards often fail to provide both students and staff with the effective transfer of both explicit and tacit assessment knowledge. To address this concern, as well as focusing on the quality of feedback messages, we argue that teachers in higher education should focus their efforts on strengthening skills of self-assessment amongst their students, which is helped by exposure to a range of exemplars.