I run the CogLang - the Cognition and Language research laboratory. See the research page for some more information on some of the research questions and areas of the lab.

Kit and tools

We use a variety a methods in the lab to understand cognition, depending on the questions involved. Two main methods are behavioural techniques (such as measuring reaction time) and tracking visual attention with an Eyelink 1000 eye tracker. We also have access to methods from cognitive neuroscience which include EEG, TMS and tDCS.

Favourite tools in the lab are R (and r-studio), good ole’ Excel, Audacity, and DMDX (a free experiment running system on Windows).



I am coordinator for the Research Apprenticeship Scheme and am a great supporter for Undergraduate involvement in research. See here for some reasons you might be interested. If you are an undergraduate who would like to join us, find out more about research, and better understand the way we think, please contact me to apply.

For students interested in working in the lab with me as a third year project supervisor, feel free to drop by or email to discuss any ideas for projects.


At the University of Hull, we run two research masters, a MSc, and an MRes. Please contact me if you are interested in applying.


We perodically have funded PhD scholarships from the University and the ERSC, which should be advertised nationally. Self-funded PhDs are welcome. If you have ideas for a PhD proposal I am happy to discuss further.